Completing Chapter 2 of Linear Algebra and Its Applications

Yesterday I posted the final worked-out solution for the exercises from chapter 2 of  Gilbert Strang’s Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Third Edition. My first post for chapter 2 was for exercise 2.1.1 almost exactly 29 months ago. This is almost twice as long as it took me to post solutions for the exercises in chapter 1, so the time to complete the entire book is receding even farther into the future. At this point I’m managing to post two exercises a week, and I think I can keep that up indefinitely; whether I can increase the pace is another matter.

As with chapter 1, I found that working through the exercises for the posts has again  improved my understanding of the material. Among other things, in chapter 2 this resulted in my doing a series of posts on reflections and rotations and a post on composition of linear transformations (a topic I felt could have been handled better in the book).

Expect the next post, for the first exercise of chapter 3, in a few days.

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2 Responses to Completing Chapter 2 of Linear Algebra and Its Applications

  1. Lucas says:

    You’re doing amazing work, and I hope you realize that it’s greatly appreciated.

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